19 March 2007

Daylight Savings

We've had the clocks set ahead for a week, and I can't begin to describe how maddening it has been. Just before the switch, we had daylight when I needed to rise and go out to milk the goats. I didn't realize just how helpful and inspiring that daylight was for getting out of bed...until it was gone. Two days in a row, I overslept and had to drag myself out there. It's an entirely different start to the day.

Nice piece in National Review Online making a similar point, but from a suburban perspective.

I wonder if we'd be doing all this messing with the clocks if this was still the agricultural nation we used to be. I'd much rather take that hour in the morning than in the evening. It'd be one thing if our kids could actually use that evening hour to burn off steam. But our problem isn't bedtime --- it's cold weather and the mudbog outside from all the melted snow. We had exactly two warm days last week, when the kids could play into the evening. But those kinds of days are few and far between until April at the earliest.

Call me a luddite, but I'd scrap the whole policy if it was up to me.

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