18 April 2007

The 200% Lamber

Dot delivered twins last night, making ten lambs in five years to her credit. (Amazing that we've really been raising sheep for over five years.)

When it became clear, around 6:30pm, that she was in active labor, the kids and I hung out in the barn to watch. It was fascinating to watch her pattern with each contraction: grunting and scratching all the bedding up, then laying down, twisting her neck, pushing, then standing up and turning around to see if anything came out. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. At long last, she stood up and we saw a little white lamb on the bedding, which she immediately began to lick off. This is homeschooling at its very best.

After dinner, we came out to check on her. Wasn't long before the black twin joined us. Both are males, and both are doing great. We'll likely move them all to pasture tomorrow.

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