16 July 2007


Several weeks ago, a mother hen hatched six chicks under the goat milking stanchion. Those chicks are now getting to be a good size, are fully feathered, and are foraging all over the barnyard.

Yesterday evening, one of them got separated from the rest of the brood, and was running around the barn peeping in a panic. Something about this behavior got both of our dogs very worked up, and they began chasing the chick all over the barn. Neither dog is a chicken-killer; I think they just figured it was a game --- but being chased simply got the chick into more of a panic.

As I was milking the goat, the chick eventually ran into the stall where the doe kids spend the night --- and where the dogs could not follow. The chick flew up onto the back of one of the goat kids, settled comfortably into his perch, and looked out triumphantly at the dogs. My daughter thought this was uproariously funny, and ran inside to get a camera.

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