14 September 2007

When Turkeys Attack

An unfortunate part of having livestock is that sometimes they attack each other. The roosters are most notorious for "cockfighting," but they don't usually inflict serious or lasting damage on each other. One wins the fight, the other backs down and retreats in shame, and the Pecking Order is established.

Turkeys, on the other hand, tend to be more persistent in their attacks. When one turns on a weaker turkey, the attack doesn't usually stop until the victim is dead. Yesterday afternoon, I caught just such an attack in progress. Unfortunately, the aggressor had already opened up a large wound in the head and neck of the victim. Even with immediate treatment with iodine, I sensed that this injury was not survivable. With time, the victim would probably develop an infection and die anyhow.

Naturally, the victim was a very expensive and desirable Bourbon Red turkey. Although I can no longer sell this turkey, that doesn't make it a total loss. I separated it in a holding cage last night, and will butcher it this afternoon. (The bird survived the night just fine, but the wound is still much larger than I think is survivable long term.)

Guess what delicious dish we're going to be having for Sunday dinner this weekend?

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Laurie LaGrone said...

Was it difficult to get used to butchering your own animals? I respect you for it. I have no problem with the concept at all -- I have lived most of my life on a dairy or farm -- but I'm a wimp when the time comes and I cannot do it.