25 January 2008

Strange Sacrament

In case you had any doubts about abortion being a holy sacrament in the church of militant secularism, LifeNews today brings us this story:

Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church dedicated the ground, according to a report in the Albany Times Union.

He called the abortion facility "sacred and holy ... where women's voices and stories are welcomed, valued and affirmed."

Phillips said the abortion business was "sacred ground where women are treated with dignity, supported in their role as moral decision-makers ... sacred ground where the violent voices of hatred and oppression are quelled."

Note to clergy: When Jesus said (Luke 23:29), "For behold, the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that have not borne, and the paps that have not given suck," he wasn't saying that would be a good thing.

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