02 July 2008

Speaking of Modest Clothing

My recent post about Mrs Yeoman Farmer's adventure trying to find a slip for Homeschooled Farm Girl drew considerable response --- thanks to all who commented, or who sent private emails with suggestions for finding modest clothing for children.

Say what you will about that weird FLDS sect down in Texas, but one thing I'll say in their favor: the children sure were dressed modestly and tastefully. Turns out, the recent raid brought with it some benefit for the mothers --- and, possibly, for others who have been looking for modest clothing. So many people have observed how tastefully the FLDS kids were dressed, the mothers have begun direct-marketing that clothing to the public from their own website.

As the Salt Lake Tribune reports:
Launched initially to provide Texas authorities with clothing for FLDS children in custody, the online store now is aimed at helping their mothers earn a living.

The venture, which has already drawn queries from throughout the U.S., is banking on interest in modest clothes, curiosity and charity to be a success.

"We don't know what to expect on demand but we have had a flood of interest," said Maggie Jessop, a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. "Our motive is not to flaunt ourselves or our religion before the world. We have to make a living the same as everyone does."

Only in America.

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M. Alexander said...

Please tell me that your wife will be sewing these outfits and not supporting the child-molesting FLDS.