05 August 2008

Still Here. Still Buried.

My apologies for the sparse posting. Work has been keeping me unbelievably busy, leaving very little time for much of anything else; at this point, just keeping my head above water with farm chores and trying to spend a bit of time with the kids.

This afternoon, I had a window of about three hours where I was completely, gloriously, caught up. I spent most of that time napping, and catching up from my massive sleep deficit. Sure enough, at about 6pm, I got a call from one client and an email from another, with various new requests. Enough to keep me glued to my chair for roughly two solid days, at least.

If there's one thing farming has taught us, you have to make hay while the sun shines. And my plan is to put up all the more blog posts this fall and winter, once the election work has been gathered into the barn (as it were).

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