06 December 2008

Saturday Morning at the Post Office

I stopped by the local post office at about 9:30 this morning, to mail a package. As the clerk was weighing it and printing up the postage, I heard a woman's voice call out from behind a divider.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "You're here."

The woman emerged from where she'd been sorting mail, and I instantly recognized her as our own rural mail carrier. "Since you're here," she smiled, handing me a bundle of mail, "You might as well take this now."

I smiled, laughed, and thanked her for saving me from trudging through snowdrifts to the mailbox later that afternoon. "I love small towns," I added.

Can anyone even imagine something like this happening in a city?

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Anonymous said...

Very cute, my postmaster is also my closest neighbor and attends our same parish as well. How very nice. I love small towns.