28 May 2009

Going Down

It's official: I'm losing my internet service later today, due to the switch from landline to mobile phone. In fact, our (landline) home phone number started ringing on our cell phone today --- but for the moment, we still have a dial tone on the landline. AT&T assures me that the dial tone will be gone soon, and with it our DSL internet. However, they're now saying it will take until next Wednesday to reestablish internet service. This is a switch from the "single day" interruption they told me earlier.

Bottom line: I won't be posting much over the next several days. I will be driving in to a WiFi hotspot to get coffee and check email each day, but blog posts are unlikely.

I'll give a review of our "cutting the cord" experience once we've lived for a few weeks without landline service. With the cost savings ($40/month in our case, even after the cost of adding a third cell phone and $10 more for internet), this is a move that others out there might want to seriously consider.


Sylvia said...

You back on the internet now?

TYF said...

Yes! Service was finally restored this afternoon --- there were some wiring issues that AT&T had to resolve, but it's now done and we're reconnected to the world.