29 July 2009

I Want My MTV!

It's a little odd admitting this, but...I found something to like on MTV in recent weeks. MercatorNet has published my article about it, which can be found here.


Yeoman said...

FWIW, today, August 1, 1981, was the founding day of MTV.

A dark day in the history of civilization.

pshaw said...

Wondering if you have been to the harvest followup @ Turtlebee Farms yet.
Looking forward to a comment on that, maybe CCD, and especially your experiences if you have "jumped into the water".

TYF said...

We did attend the honey harvest follow-up class, this last Saturday, but I'm going to be too swamped with work, etc, to put up a post until this coming weekend at the earliest. We won't be getting a hive until next spring, but are really looking forward to doing so.