21 October 2009

Life and Death

On a day like today, with lambs having been taken to the butcher, and when a melancholic mood is practically unavoidable...it's always nice to have things brightened a happy arrival. And today, we had two such happy arrivals:

Button, one of our dairy goats, surprised us with twin kids. One male, one female. The timing couldn't have been better: this means that we will now have at least one doe in milk all winter.

Deo Gratias!

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Rachel said...

Good news on the new additions (both to the freezer and to the barnyard). I kwym about the melancholy mood--when we butchered our three pigs this last spring, well, it was definitely sad. But we also knew that they had lived a good life, with fresh air, sunshine, good food, fresh water, the way the good Lord meant for them to live. And, that our care of them would be repaid in the meat in the freezer.

I know you know all of this. Shoot, we pray before we butcher them, thanking God for the privilege of being entrusted as stewards, and in gratitude of their lives, living as pigs should live (and chickens as they should--when we butcher the chickens). But it never hurts to be reminded of it, does it?

Oh, don't forget to contact me, when YFB makes his appearance! :-)