19 January 2010

Goose Eggs

For those interested in the productivity of geese as egg layers, I have some preliminary numbers. Today we got Egg #12 from our yearling Embden goose; she was hatched last April, and this is her 20th day of laying. Goose eggs are so big, a single one makes a meal for an average person (and when cooking, we treat goose eggs as we would two or three chicken eggs).

We've enjoyed goose eggs for many years, but I've never before been able to keep track of a single bird's productivity; in the past, we've always had multiple geese laying at the same time in the same area. But as far as we can tell, the yearling Embden is the only one currently laying. We'll keep you posted on her production, but so far we've been very pleased with what we've been getting --- especially given how bitterly cold it's been here in Michigan, and the number of days the birds have been totally confined to the barn.

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Rachel said...

Maybe it is the warmer temps, more sunlight, or what, but we've been getting an egg a day from two of our girls (not sure which one is the "odd goose out", since we have three)....I'm trying to figure out what to do with these things, since we've got no local market for them, and we simply don't eat the eggs that quickly(although my dogs would, if I left the eggs out there)!

Tell MYF 'good on ya' for using all of those eggs. I'm thinking I need to make some more creme brulee or something, to use some of these eggs we now have just about coming out our ears...