18 March 2010

Maybelle Delivers Again

Although she missed by a single day being the first ewe to deliver this year, Maybelle again comes through with a key delivery: beautiful twin male lambs. Her overall record of 200% remains unbroken. She has given us twins every single year of her breeding life, and they've always grown to a nice size (except the first year, when we didn't know what we were doing, and both lambs died hours after being born).

Homeschooled Farm Girl and Little Big Brother had a break from school and watched the first lamb emerge. I don't know about you, but I would've killed for an opportunity to spend my recess doing that when I was in grade school.

Meanwhile, Licorice's twin males born yesterday are also doing very well. We're thankful the nice weather is holding on into the weekend; it sure beats trying to keep these little guys warm in freezing temperatures.

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Rachel said...

Wonderful news!!

Any word on Marigold's twins? Picked out a name for that little doe kid yet?