07 December 2010


Homeschooled Farm Girl, describing how bitterly cold it is here in MI this week:

"If you tried to butcher a goose, Daddy, the blood would probably all freeze before it could get out."


Good reason to stay inside by the fire and leave the butchering for another day.


Rachel said...

MMmmmm Goose. Crispy crunchy skin.

Yum. Home raised goose, even better.

Have you managed to get your adult geese to hatch their own, or do you incubate/purchase hatchlings? We've not had any luck at getting our geese to set, lay plenty of eggs, just no nesting behavior.

Just curious on that last.

Its cold here, but not so bad as way up north where you are. BRRRRR!!!!! Keep the YFCs and Mrs nice and warm for us all, ok?

TYF said...

Best part of roast goose is the "goose grease" fat that melts off of it. I can hardly wait.

We've gotten plenty of eggs, and some broodiness, but have had a grand total of ONE hatchling. He came out this spring, and is still happily mixed in with the rest of the gaggle. But we get 99.9% of our goslings from a hatchery.