26 February 2011

Goat Kids Galore

We were out for much of the day, and on our return discovered...

two more goat kids!

This time it was Queen Anne's Lace, our oldest doe, doing the honors. Both are males. We got them moved from the mucky main goat area (pictured above) and into the kidding pen, which is now getting pretty crowded --- three does and six kids. We also put down an additional bale of fresh straw, just for good measure.

Homeschooled Farm Girl did everything she could to get the weaker of the two kids (the one laying down in the photo above) to nurse, but he's having trouble even standing up. We're not really sure he's going to make it, but we'll do what we can. His twin brother, by contrast, is up and walking around great. And yesterday's triplets are all doing well. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

naturegirl said...

Awww...such cute little babies! Can you feed the wee little fellow with a baby bottle? I don't know much about goats, but it seems like you could get his strength built up that way. Do you ever consult MSU vet clinic for problems with your animals? I hope things work out for the little buck. Keep us posted, ok?