24 March 2011

Goats Keep Coming

Just a quick post, because it's late.

The temperature plunged here over the last couple of days, and is expected to stay cold through the weekend at least. Thermometer says 23F right now. Which means, of course, that we found yet another cold, wet, newborn kid in the barn when we went to close it up for the night!

The two oldest Yeoman Farm Children helped me towel the thing off, and move him (yes, it's a "him") and the mother goat into the kidding pen. The YFCs made sure the doe's teats were clear, and got him to nurse a bit. He's still not perfectly dry (note to self: we really need to get a blow dryer), but I brought down a huge armload of fresh straw and made a nice dry bed in the corner. It's the least drafty part of the building, and I think he's comfortable in it. Also, we left the lights on for the night; that should make it warmer, and easier for the two of them to find each other if need be.

We'll see what we find out there in the morning.

In the meantime, "Puddles" (I love that name, but it won't stand long term; all goats here get flower names), the formerly Mostly Dead Kid, continues to thrive. Against all odds, she's putting on weight and really getting around nicely. We were going to transition her to the barn this week, but then the cold snap hit. For now, she's sleeping in the house at night and hanging out in my office most of the day. Even the dogs seem to be accepting her as another member of the pack. Go figure.

The warning that one commenter gave about not treating goats as house pets is a good one, and I am concerned about how this goat will ultimately turn out temperament-wise. We've had "too friendly" goats before, and they are indeed a hassle. The one consolation is that she's a female, so will never have the nasty male goat smell. And she may end up easier to handle and get into a stanchion for milking.

But who knows. At this point, I'm just glad she's survived.

UPDATE: We awakened this morning to temps in the low teens outside and ~36F in the barn. And the new goat kid was up on his feet, walking around, seemingly fine! I'll try to get some photos posted later today.

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barbara said...

OK, so when Puddles grows up, you can call her "Petals"--that's pretty flowery. I'm glad babies are fine.