03 February 2007

Really, Really Cold

Temps here have dropped through the floor, but that's not the worst of it: the wind is blowing across the open prairie at 25+ MPH, sending the wind chills well below zero. The air temps aren't supposed to get back above 20 until Thursday at the earliest. At least it's bright and sunny outside, but we could sure use some global warming right about now.

Time to hunker down and throw another log on the fire. The wife and kids are out of town visiting grandparents, or they'd be bouncing off walls for sure. My plans: pull up a chair in front of the woodstove and read a J. A. Jance mystery novel I've been wanting to get to. No doubt the dogs will follow me in and sprawl out on the kitchen floor. Can't blame them; it sure beats burrowing into straw in the barn, and they've long ago figured out that I'm a softie for letting dogs in the house. Here are Tessa and Scooter, in my office on a recent cold day.

How cold is it? The weekly Saturday night Bingo game at our parish has already been cancelled. Members of our Knights of Columbus council take turns running those games, and this was my week. I've been planning to blog about Bingo, with some thoughts I've had about these events. Maybe tonight, now that I've suddenly got several more hours than I thought I was going to have, and I'll have the house to myself. But for now, I need to go throw another log on the fire.

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