02 June 2007

Pick Up Sticks

Today was lawn-mowing day, and the kids helped me prepare by gathering up all the dead branches that had fallen from the Green Ash trees in the front yard.

As we were piling them up near the woodpile, to use for kindling next winter, Scooter was tagging along with us. With yesterday's near-tragedy clearly still on their minds, one of the kids suddenly said something really poignant:

"I'm glad we're not collecting these sticks so we can burn Scooter."

Yes, I told them, I had just been thinking the same thing.


alicia said...

hi there, just discovered your blog via Jeff Culbreath

alicia said...

I'm a midwife (CNM) in Rockford. I admire you for living out the yeoman farmer life. My husband and I are doing what we can to work towards eating locally. It is a little bit easier here than it was in NH, but not nearly as easy as it had been in Oregon.