18 December 2007

You Go, Girl

Lest any doubts still exist as to children's absorbing the political orientation of their parents, I offer the following incident.

One of eight year old Homeschooled Farm Girl's books had a discussion today about the importance of being democratic on the playground. It was the usual stuff about giving everybody a turn, allowing everyone to have a say about the rules, and so forth. At the end, there was an assignment:

9. Write a short paragraph about how you can be more democratic.

Homeschooled Farm Girl used only a small portion of the allotted space. Her paragraph was very concise:

I don't want to. I'm Republican.


Thomas said...

Have you sold your farm in Illinois? I'm curious... irishtea7@gmail.com

TYF said...

Yes. Our neighbor bought our IL farm.

Sylvia said...

The word "democratic" is misused constantly. It's good to hear HFG fight back.