14 December 2007

You Know You're a Political Junkie When...

...you move to a new state, and register to vote before you get a new driver's license.

Worse: you actually make a special trip to the county courthouse to do it. And take your kids along, calling it a homeschooling lesson.

Seriously, Mrs Yeoman Farmer and I wouldn't have done it this way if it weren't for the political parties in this state trying to leapfrog everyone else by moving the Presidential primary up to January 15th. Although we can't be sure that under GOP rules the MI delegates will be seated at the convention, we don't want to take any chances. And as registration closes 30 days before the election, we knew we had to hurry. So, earlier this week, we made a trip up to the county seat and made sure they had our forms.

And today our shiny new new registration cards came in the mail. I'm just wondering if, when we go to get our new driver's licenses next week, we can show these cards as proof of residency.

I guess we could call it "Motor-Voter in Reverse."

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