17 March 2008

Building a Religion

For all of those who have been troubled by the somewhat messianic, quasi-religious movement Barack Obama seems to have been leading, this music video offers a remarkable contribution. I don't know where they found the song, but it is perfect.

H/T: Baseball Crank.


LeeAnn said...

Obama yarmulkes!? Where on earth??? I think the song must have been written for the video. It's too topic specific, I think, to be about anything else. It is all weirdly 1984-Chairman Mao-Casto-Che isn't it?

TYF said...

Surprisingly, the song had been around for awhile. But I thought the same thing you did the first time I heard it.

TulipGirl said...

The song is by Cake, and even though I heard it before my first thought was that it was written just for Obama. Have you seen this one?

You and Your Racist Friend

TYF said...

TulipGirl -

Pretty good video; hadn't seen it before.

I did see Farakahn speak one time, in person, as an undergraduate in Chicago. One of the more frightening (and yet also illuminating) experiences of my life.