11 March 2008

Wild Turkeys

This afternoon, Mrs. Yeoman Farmer spotted an enormous wild turkey. We were standing in the living room, looking north toward our back acreage. The thing was quite a ways off, but there was no doubt what it was: big, black, and moving in a waddling motion.

Me, pulling on my coat to return to my office anyhow: "I'll go take a look."

Eight Year Old Homeschooled Farm Girl (HFG): "Get your gun, Daddy!"

Me: "But it's not hunting season."

HFG [look of indignation]: "Well, tell them you were hungry."

Laughing, I jogged out toward the back acreage. Unfortunately, the dogs were out with me and ran ahead toward the turkey. It began running for cover, but I made a mental note as to its location. Because someday it will be hunting season...and I will indeed be hungry.

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