03 May 2008

Bumper Crop

Most people would be horrified to gaze out on their lawn and see it looking like this:
Look at all those horrible dandelions! What will the neighbors think? Hurry, buy some chemicals and spray them all over the grass!

At our place, the thinking is entirely different. First, we don't really have any neighbors...and we certainly don't care about anyone else's opinion of our lawn. The bigger issue for us is that our pasture still isn't fenced, so we haven't been able to turn the sheep out to graze. And they've been BAHHHHHing badly, because they can see all that lush green stuff growing, and they can't get to it.

What's the solution? Take the pasture --- or lawn --- to the sheep. We have a bagging lawn mower, so I've been taking breaks from work during the day to go out and cut a bag or two for them. And the more variety (especially clover and dandelions) in the bag, the more the sheep love it. It's gotten to the point now where as soon as they hear the lawn mower running, they gather to watch me and BAHHHHHH through the gate to their enclosure. (Who says sheep are stupid?) When I bring each treasured bag to the barn, they mob me so badly I've almost been knocked flat on my back.

Who needs chemical warfare when you've got a flock of hungry Icelandic sheep?

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