20 May 2008

Please Pray...

...for Mrs. Yeoman Farmer's mother. She's been chronically ill for many years, and in hospitals or nursing homes for nearly two straight years. She'd seemed to be making a recovery in recent months, and there was even talk of her moving home this summer. But in the last few days, she's taken a terrible turn and is now deteriorating rapidly. Prognosis is quite dim. She received Extreme Unction (yes, we still call it that in our family) this afternoon, and is spiritually very prepared to pass to the next life. Please join us in "accompanying" her with your prayers in these hours.

I must say, we've never been so glad we made the move to Michigan. Mrs. Yeoman Farmer has been able to see her mother many times over these last months, and has been able to spend many hours at the hospital these last few days. We're very thankful we're not right now frantically packing the minivan and wondering if we'll make it from Illinois to Michigan in time...and wondering who will take care of the farm while we're gone.

It's good to be home. And for this to be our home.

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