02 September 2008

Free Kittens

We've had two litters of kittens born to our barn cats this summer. Eight kittens altogether, and Mrs. Yeoman Farmer is allowing the kids to keep three of them. It was going to be two, but then one of the mother cats was hit by a car on our road. Homeschooled Farm Girl (who is a big-time cat lover) was devastated by the accident, and allowing an extra kitten was part of how we made it easier on her.

Since moving here, we've lost two cats on the road; we now have two adult females and one adult male, plus the three new kittens we're keeping.

BTW, I am not at all a Cat Person. Felines are not allowed in either the house or my office building; my office is a Dog Only zone. However, over time, I've come to appreciate the utility of barn cats. And they're kind of fun to watch, especially as they play and climb all over our woodpile. Fortunately, our local feed store carries a "Barn Cat" dried cat food, which is really cheap. (Yes, that is really the name of it. "Barn Cat.") I'm glad the cats like eating it, because I refuse on principle to pay a fortune to feed animals which should be supporting themselves catching mice.

We have a "Free Kittens" sign in front of our house, and have managed to give away one of them so far. Four left, most of which are black and fairly long-haired. Any Michigan readers are welcome stop by and take their pick.

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