03 September 2008

Theme Songs

I spent quite a bit of time last week watching the Democratic convention, and it was fascinating to observe party activists' treatment of Hillary Clinton. And the discussion of America's "War Machine" --- not to mention the "ghetto scene" Soup Line America depicted in numerous speeches (most eloquently by Joe Biden, who was downright Dickensian.) And then the way the angry Left at the Daily Kos lit into Sarah Palin this past weekend.

Watching and reflecting on all this, there's one song I can't get out of my head...and I can't help wondering if it may become an unofficial theme song for some of Obama's supporters:

American Woman, by The Guess Who.

Speaking of memorable songs, I'll never forget standing on the floor of the RNC convention in New Orleans in 1988, joining hands with all my fellow College Republican volunteers and singing along with Lee Greenwood as he performed "God Bless the USA". I think that will forever remain the anthem of the Reagan Revolution. (I still have my t-shirt from that convention, and have been wearing it this week.)

Note that, according to Randy Bachman, one of the authors of "American Woman," the lady who appears at 2:48 in the Lee Greenwood video is the original "American woman" they had in mind when writing their song.

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