14 April 2010

Remember Piglet?

Over a year ago, I posted the story of Piglet the Goat Kid. I hadn't wanted to save him when he contracted pneunomia, but Mrs Yeoman Farmer and the YFCs insisted on nursing the poor little guy back to health (and took him to the vet).

Piglet grew up, and became a strong adult goat (though, as you can see by looking at the original post, he lost his cuteness really fast). Unfortunately, he didn't have really great breeding genetics. And he was definitely a "beta" male in the herd. We decided it would make sense to cull him. So, today, over a year after MYF and the YFCs deomonstrated they had the right instincts, we took Piglet to the butcher.

Here he is with Homeschooled Farm Girl, just before we loaded him into the truck:

I'm glad to eat crow on this one. And even gladder to be able to eat goat.

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