24 May 2010

Co-Brooding Continues

If I could take a quick break from the depressing events of Saturday and Sunday...I'm happy to report that our two mother hens continue to co-brood their eleven chicks as a team. It's really remarkable to watch, and we've never seen anything like it. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else has had multiple hens brood their chicks together like this.

Unlike the intrepid and fiercely independent hen who insisted on staying outside with her brood even in the pouring rain (naturally, so far from the barn door that she couldn't be moved indoors even if she'd wanted to go, especially not with six little chicks who'd be going every which way once we picked her up), and who paid for it with her life, the co-brooders have been good about coming in at night. The first couple of days they needed a little nudging, but now they bring the brood in on their own around dusk.

Lots of fun being able to look outside my office window at the garden and see this:

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