15 May 2010

Lambs: Wave II

After having five ewes deliver ten lambs in mid to late March, the rest of the flock took a break. On shearing day, it wasn't even clear the remaining four ewes had even been bred. One of the ewes, Dot, is now ten years old. We won't be surprised if she doesn't lamb. But the other three are fairly young.

Anyway, our yearling ewe delivered a beautiful little ram lamb for us on Tuesday, May 11th. It's been a lot of fun watching him run to keep up with the rest of the flock, as they go out to pasture. Mom has been making her guttoral noises at him, urging him to stay close. And he's large and spry, so he's doing great.
Of the remaining three ewes, it's still not clear Dot or Bianca have been bred. Nera definitely has been, and she looks large enough to have twins at least. Hopefully we'll have more arrivals before long.

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