13 April 2008

Enigma Delivers

Homeschooled Farm Girl and I came out to the barn to do chores, and had a nice surprise waiting for us: Enigma had delivered a beautiful little male lamb. I came back about an hour later, and discovered that lamb now had a twin sister.

Enigma was one of the first lambs born on our property, and is a twin sister of Bianca (who, by the way, is doing an excellent job with both of her lambs this year). We gave her that name because her markings look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. When Enigma had a daughter with similar markings a few years back, we named her Conundrum. The male lamb we kept as a breeder got named Dilemma. We're now sort of running out of "puzzle" names, but as all these lambs will be butchered (they're too inbred to keep for breeding this year --- we need to get some fresh blood this fall), they'll all be named variations of "Lamb Chop."

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