09 April 2008

Sad Farewell

With a trip to the mailbox this morning, I've brought an era to an end: For the first time in nearly 17 years, I do not own a Volvo 240. Or any other kind of Volvo, either.

Yes, the old things are known as quintessentially liberal cars...but I think blowing the stereotype was part of why I enjoyed driving them so much. Nothing like putting a Bush-Cheney 2004 sticker on the bumper, and an NRA sticker on the window, to thoroughly confuse people.
I learned to drive on a 1973 144, and a 1983 242 was the first car I bought after graduating from college in 1991. That vehicle ended up saving my life; I spun out on an icy freeway, and was crushed against a guardrail by two tractor-trailers...and walked away from the accident with little more than scrapes and bruises. Needless to say, everything you've read about Volvos and safety is true. I quickly bought another; when it rusted out in 1998, we got our 1978 244. Later, I would buy a 1984 station wagon. The whole series was solid, reliable, and even an amateur mechanic like me could do a lot of the work on them.

Alas, the 1978 sedan eventually became unreliable; after stranding us in St Louis on vacation, we retired it to the second string. As the 1984 wagon also became unreliable, we finally broke down and got two late model vehicles. The 1978 sedan was redundant, and we never drove it, but I couldn't bear to part with it.

But we couldn't take it with us to Michigan, and I couldn't find anyone in East Central Illinois crazy enough about old Volvos to want to buy it. The solution: donate it to Illinois Right to Life's vehicle donation program. The tax deduction will be minuscule, but hopefully IRTL will get something for it...and I hope someone will be driving it (I couldn't bear to take it to the junk yard, even if they'd have paid $100 cash for it.) The title is going in the mail this morning, and they'll pick it up from our old farm next Monday.

Someday, I hope to have another of these cars. Actually, the 1975 164E, with manual transmission, is the Volvo I dream about. But right now, I have one old project car in the garage...a second one would be irresponsible.

Here's hoping the end of this era is only temporary.


Anonymous said...

A monumental event. NOW you can be in a focus group. We've "given" our 245 to the boy. We reupholstered those seats you found for me at the junkyard for his Christmas present. Now the neighbors want one just like it for their son.

TYF said...

Love it. Glad you found the post --- I was going to email you with a link if I didn't hear from you in a few days.

Are these the neighbors who had an old 240 sedan, who I met the day I brought the seats to your place?

Anonymous said...

No, the neighbors across the street 2 doors up. The next door neighbors still have their late '80s 240, and their son (now a HS senior) drives it. Can't get in too much trouble driving one of those cars.