02 April 2008

LiveBlogging the Lambing Pen

They just keep coming. Homeschooled Farm Girl got a play break about an hour ago, and decided to take a look at the this morning's triplets out in the barn. A moment later, she excitedly appeared in my office. "I think one of the other sheep is in labor!" she announced.

Busy with something, I assured her I'd be along in a bit. Then, five minutes later, Forest Puppy showed up. "Come right now!" he shouted.
So I did...and discovered that Conundrum had delivered a beautiful little lamb. She'd been doing a great job licking it off, and he/she was up and nursing.

I went about doing some other things, then checked back in a few minutes. As she continued licking Lamb #1, I saw another one slide out and plop on the barn floor. Managed to get this photo from directly above it, on the barn steps.
Five lambs in one day...wow! And it's not even 2:30pm.

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